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Choosing the Right Tar for Your Project

Choosing the right tar from our range can be crucial for your project. Here is an overview of the different tar products we offer and their specific uses:

  1. Roslag Mahogany : A classic blend of tar, linseed oil and balsamic turpentine. Perfect for outdoor use on surfaces such as log doors, piers and wind screens. Provides a matte, water-repellent finish and can be pigmented to suit your aesthetic needs.

  2. Dalbränd Wood Tar : This tar is lighter than pine tar and ideal for deep treatment of wooden facades, hulls, balconies and similar surfaces. Its weatherproof properties make it an excellent choice for outdoor projects.

  3. Pine tar : A traditional tar perfect for impregnating fences, log houses, wooden facades and boat hulls. Its natural composition effectively protects against moisture and rot.

  4. Ettan Tar-based Putty : This putty is excellent for sealing dry cracks in wooden boats. It also adheres to damp surfaces and is therefore useful for repairs and maintenance.

  5. Tar oil : This oil is a mixture of Dalburned tar and raw cold-pressed linseed oil. Used for deep treatment of wooden surfaces and is particularly effective for surfaces exposed to harsh weather conditions.

  6. Tar ointment : Perfect for use on skin and paws, with an anti-itch effect. It can be used to reduce discomfort from mosquito bites and the like during the summer months.

  7. Tar Cube : A user-friendly format of tar, suitable for smaller projects or where precise amount and application is important.

To choose the right tar, consider the nature of the project, the surface to be treated, and the specific properties you are looking for. Whether it's maintaining a historic log home, protecting a wooden boat, or creating an aesthetic finish on outdoor furniture, we have the right tar product for you. Feel free to take a look at our range to find the tar that best matches your needs and projects.