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Tar - The Timeless Wood Protector

Tar has protected wooden surfaces for millennia and its traditional production method, through the dry distillation of resinous pine wood, has stood the test of time. The tar from Claessons Trätjära is an excellent example of quality production, where color, texture and drying ability are excellent.

The tar is not only durable, it is also effective in extending the life of various wooden surfaces, such as fences, log houses, wooden facades and boat hulls. The unique ability to protect against moisture and rot makes it indispensable to many traditional buildings and constructions.

One liter of tar is enough for approximately 2-4 square meters at the first application. For optimal protection, two coats are recommended, especially on dry surfaces. The tar should be applied in warmer weather conditions for better penetration and easier application. The tar can be heated to become more fluid and easier to apply. When the tar is hot, it also penetrates better into the substrate.

In addition to its use as a wood preservative, the tar is also an important ingredient in the mix for rosewood mahogany and tar paint.