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Mix Hem(g) soil bag

Mixing egg oil tempera with Hem(g) soil bag is easy and gives you the opportunity to mix to your own color. Maybe you have your own eggs or linseed oil ? Here we go through how to mix egg oil tempera with Hem(g) soil bag step by step.

Prepare the mixture

Before you start mixing egg oil tempera, you need to prepare your mixing equipment. You will need a clean bucket or bowl, a mixing stick or whisk, and a measuring set to measure out the ingredients.

Measure the ingredients

Follow the instructions on the Hem(g) soil bag to measure out the various ingredients. You will need eggs, linseed oil, water and pigment from the bag. Measure the ingredients carefully to get the right proportions.

Mix egg, linseed oil and water

Start by mixing eggs and linseed oil in your bucket or bowl. Add linseed oil a little at a time. Use the stick or whisk to thoroughly mix the ingredients until they are well mixed and have a smooth consistency. Then add the water. Now you have made em emulsion!

Add the pigment

Once the emulsions are mixed, add the pigment from the Hem(g)soil bag a little at a time. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and be sure that all the pigment from the bag is included. Otherwise there is a risk that the color will not be right.

Adjust the consistency if necessary

If the egg oil tempera feels too thick, you can easily adjust by adding more water. Keep in mind that egg oil tempera should have a consistency similar to thin filet or gruel for best painting results.

Durability egg oil tempera Hem(g) soil bag

Store the finished paint cool, preferably in the refrigerator. The color is fresh and lasts 1-2 weeks.

In summary, it is easy to mix egg oil tempera with Hem(g) soil bag. By following these steps, you will get a paint with the right consistency and shade of color for your painting project.

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