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Rengöring innan målning

Cleaning before painting

A and O is to paint on a cleaned surface. On a wall surface or a ceiling, it is usually enough to brush away the dust, but if the surface is greasy and dirty, you need to clean it first.

Tools such as rollers and brushes also need to be cleaned immediately after finishing painting.

We recommend:
Linseed oil soap , the indispensable! Perfect for cleaning brushes, rollers and even a splash in the water for cleaning dirty surfaces.

We sell it in 1, 2.5 and 5 liter packages.

Of course, it works well with other cleaning agents as well, such as painter's wash or painter's wash cloth from Biokleen, even water with a little ammonia dissolves grease well. All according to taste!

Don't be afraid to maintain an older egg oil tempera painted surface that is sunny and dirty. It can be scrubbed off with soap and water.

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