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Ovolins färgsättningsråd

Ovolin's coloring advice

Deciding a color for a room or an entire house can be tricky for anyone, and the whole family must agree, not easy!

The best thing is to borrow color samples and look at them in peace and quiet. At home, you get the right conditions for the different colours, there you have your light entry and your lighting.

Something to keep in mind when choosing a wall color is to take a slightly lighter and "dirtier" tone than the one that looked best on a small color sample. Color grows away on large surfaces, it is almost always more colorful and darker than you imagined. On smaller details and furniture, you can think the other way around and use a little instead, where a strong and saturated color usually works very well.

Now to an important and common question, what makes a room harmonious? There I have an answer that some people shy away from; -Dare to mix warm and cold colours! It is very important not to only choose warm colours, it easily gives a boring and bland impression. A mixture is needed to give harmony. For example, cooler colors on the wall go well with warm yellow/brown wooden floors. While a warm wall color lends itself nicely to a cool gray clinker or a bright white-glazed floor.

If you want to make it easy for yourself when coloring a room, then choose a color series you like and take a lighter and a darker tone in the same series, then you know that they harmonize with each other. Next, it's important to choose an accent color for furniture, flooring or textiles, so you get that mix of warm and cold.

Last but not least, this is not a law it is our opinion based on our experiences. Feel for what is you, what gives you good memories and associations! The home should not be a furniture department store that must follow every trend. Let it be a free place that reflects your reality, your dreams and fantasies. There is no ready-made template.., your home is yours!

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