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Linoljesåpa och dess användningsområden

Linseed oil soap and its uses

Our Linseed Oil Soap is a handcrafted soap, based on biologically grown flax
highest quality. Scented with an essential citrus oil.

Oilier than regular soap but at the same time sharper (higher pH value). Which
makes it unbeatable at dissolving grease and dirt.

Here are suggestions for some areas of use

  • All surfaces in the kitchen, sink, tiles, oven, refrigerator, etc.
  • All surfaces in the bathroom, tiles, porcelain, WC, shower cubicle etc.
  • Excellent on wooden floors, tile/stone floors, even plastic carpets.
  • In the washing machine approx. 1 dl/normal load, also for woolen washing.
  • Perfect for scrubbing rag rugs with.
  • Hands - effective for washing oily hands.
  • For dirty work clothes, or stained children's clothes, soak overnight in a bucket of linseed oil soap and water 50/50, then wash as usual.
  • Brush washing, let brushes stand and soak in half soap/water then wash.
  • Scrub the tombstone, wash the car, the name it!
  • Scrub wooden decks or ugly stair railings outdoors.
  • Last but not least, scrub a wooden floor! Exaggerate the amount of soap in the water bucket if it is the first time you are going to treat the floor. Be careful not to spill pure soap on a dry floor, it can cause stains. You can soak the floor with water first to be on the safe side.
Use approx. 4-5 dl/10L of linseed oil soap in cold water and scrub in the direction of the wood. It will lather, wipe afterwards with a cloth. If the floor is dirty, rinse with cold clean water. Repeat the procedure 3 times, in case of new treatment.

Then the floor is cleaned by ordinary wet drying with a mop and approx. 0.5 dl/10L
soap in the water.

* Avoid using linseed oil soap on linseed oil painted surfaces .

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