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Fördelar med träfiberisolering

Advantages of wood fiber insulation

Hunton Nativo® Wood fiber insulation is an environmentally friendly insulation with many advantages. Here are some reasons why you should choose it:

  • It is based on spruce chips from Norwegian forests, a renewable raw material that stores carbon throughout its lifetime
  • All wood used is from PEFC-certified forests
  • Wood fiber has hygroscopic properties and can absorb and release moisture
  • The insulation boards are dimensionally stable and have a high density, which gives good sound dampening properties
  • The insulation has SINTEF Technical approval and is fire resistant
  • Many feel that it does not itch and is comfortable to work with

Nativo® Wood fiber insulation is produced from wood chips, a residual product from sawmills. By using wood chips, we contribute to using as much as possible of the entire log. The wood chips come from environmentally certified forests and help us create a sustainable product.

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