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Karlslunds kulturområde i Örebro

Karlslund's cultural area in Örebro

There is a lot to discover here! Around our store there is both beautiful nature, culture, craft towns and shops.

During the summer, coffee is served up at the stately manor house and at Christmas time there is a Christmas table. In between, the manor can be subscribed for parties and larger gatherings. In the manor's wing, the cozy country shed holds furnishings, clothes and other things.

The old pig house houses the blacksmith Lina , a recognized skilled craftsman and known for her participation in several Summer farm programs on SVT

In the old chicken and flower house you can meet the glass artist Anna Höggren . On the last weekend of every month, she opens her shop in Karlslund for sales.

The old dairy , now houses a "state museum" and sales of handmade glass and linen clothing.

Technical mill , experimental workshop for both the old and the young...

Rojan products - shop with designer clothes in boiled linen, bags and vests in leather, Italian jewellery, handicrafts in textiles. Also a garden cafe.

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