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Egg oil tempera

One of the world's oldest color types!

Some call it magical, others snort disinterestedly, we call it naturally more beautiful! The vibrancy and velvety luster that the egg and the small pigment grains in the tempera give is unique and it is exciting to have a color that lives with the different light changes of the day.

chairs painted with egg oil tempera

Over the course of history, it has mainly been used in the arts and on surfaces that required durability such as pews and stair railings.

In modern times, it has become a good alternative where in the past the cheaper adhesive paint was used, such as for walls, ceilings and walls. It gives the same completely matte surface as adhesive paint, but it is wipeable, can be painted over and is durable. The tempera is not entirely uncontroversial, but with an unprecedentedly long trial period, it has won new ground due to its beauty and versatility. Not all colors can be painted on wood, cardboard, plaster, tin, iron and even plastic, in short all surfaces that are stuck. However, not on tar or adhesive paint that chalks off.

Last but not least, it is a healthy cycle-adapted color with natural ingredients and a well-declared content.

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