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Goods declaration


issued 01-01-2020


Chemical name: Egg oil tempera

Supplier Ovolin AB Paint and building care

Address Kvarnfallsvägen, Tegelmagasinet

Postal address 70593 Örebro

Telephone 019-227181

Fax 019-257275



Responsible Maths Anhammer


No Name Cas no Conc% Classification R phrases
1 Water About 40%
2 Raw cold-pressed linseed oil 8001-26-1 About 30%
3 Organic egg/ dry matter About 30%

4 Desiccant cobalt zirconium < 0.2%
5 food preservatives < 0.2%
Sodium benzoate/potassium sorbate

This is the base of the color.

Earth pigments and a few factory-made oxide pigments are added to varying degrees. In one liter approx. 350-500g.

3/ Dangerous properties.

No environmentally hazardous substances are included.

4/ First aid

Inhalation ................

Skin contact Wash with soap and water

Eye contact Rinse with water

Ingestion In case of egg allergy, consult a doctor.

5/ Measures in case of fire.

The product is not flammable.

6/ Actions in case of spills / accidental releases.

Absorb spills with e.g. sawdust / Prevent discharge into drains.

7/ Handling and storage.

Store cool for best shelf life.

When storing the product for a long time or in adverse conditions, the paint may rot, whereby hydrogen sulphide is formed. Rotten paint smells bad and should not be used.

8/ Limitation of exposure/personal protective measures

Ventilate the premises well. The air exchange should be about one air exchange per hour. In case of drying paint and poor ventilation, aldehydes in the linseed oil can be irritating to the eyes and respiratory tract.

9/ Physical and chemical properties.

Product form liquid

Color varying

Odor Faint linseed oil odor

Solubility Insoluble in water

Melt/solidify. point .............

Density .............

Degree of explosion%-% .............

Viscosity .............

Boiling point .............

Flash point ............

Ph concentrate ............

10/ Stability and reactivity

The product is stable.

11/ Toxicological information.

Egg allergy sufferers should not come into direct contact with liquid paint.

Splashes in the eyes can cause irritation.

12 /Exotoxilogical information.

The product is completely biodegradable and does not leave any harmful residues.

13/ Waste management.

Dried paint is handled as normal waste. All liquid wet paint constitutes hazardous waste regardless of its content.

14/ Transport information.

Not classified for transport according to current regulations.

15/ Applicable regulations.

Not subject to labeling.

16/ Other information.

Replaces product information sheet 20-03-2015

The product is emission tested by the Swedish Testing and Research Institute (SP).

Test 1/ Measurements after 4 weeks and 26 weeks No. 92K1 0263:2

Test 2/ Measurement during painting No. 95K2 1027

The product has been examined by the Norwegian Institute of Labor and Welfare.

Arbetslivsrapport 1996:12 Identification of the volatile substances emitted when egg oil tempera dries.

Other information

We use an egg powder in our egg oil tempera. It's dried eggs. All surplus eggs in the stores around the country go back to Svenska lantägg, which wipes away all the liquid in the egg so it becomes a powder (dry substance, yellow and white) Used mainly in bakeries etc. We mix up the egg powder with the right amount of water again so that we get the original egg shape back. (when converting from dry substance to fresh eggs, the color contains approx. 1/3 egg).