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Linseed Oil – A Natural Solution for Wood Care

Linseed oil has long been used as a universal remedy in building care and wood treatment. The natural oil is extracted from flax seeds by cold pressing, which preserves its purity and effectiveness. Linseed oil is particularly valued for its ability to deeply penetrate wood, making it ideal for impregnation and priming.

Our linseed oil, which comes from Berga Gård near Fjugesta, is known for its high quality. The raw cold-pressed linseed oil is light and clean and is used for deep oiling of wood, such as furniture and joinery. Its ability to fill and saturate wood makes it an excellent choice for both protecting and enhancing the wood's natural beauty.

In addition to its use in wood treatment, linseed oil is also an important element in the manufacture of paint and glaze. Its natural composition ensures that it not only protects the wood but also preserves its natural look and feel.

In general, linseed oil is a versatile and environmentally friendly product that offers a sustainable solution for wood care and cleaning.