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Post-work: drying time and brush cleaning

After you've finished painting with egg oil tempera , it's important to know how to care for your brushes and wait for the right drying time to ensure the best possible results. Here we go through the post-work, drying time and brush cleaning after painting with egg oil tempera.

Drying time

Egg oil tempera surface dries relatively quickly, but then takes time before it hardens fully and creates a hard durable surface. It is often good to paint the top coat after 12-24 hours. After the last ironing, the color can wear off for up to a week. Suddenly one day the chalking stops. If you want to polish the color or finish with wax, it is good to wait 2-3 weeks. The paint is a little extra sensitive to scratches and scuffs up to a couple of months after painting. This is because the linseed oil must be given time to oxidize and create a hard, durable surface. Light, heat and good air circulation speed up drying. If the paint takes a long time, it is often due to one of these reasons, but don't worry, the paint always dries eventually. In winter, in dark, enclosed rooms, it may take longer to dry. But in summer time with an open window it often goes quickly.

Brush cleaning

After painting with egg oil tempera, it is important to clean the brushes thoroughly to preserve their quality and extend their life. Follow these steps to clean your brushes after using egg oil tempera:

  1. Brush off excess paint from the brush onto a disc or board.
  2. Rinse the brush in a mixture of warm water and mild soap or linseed oil soap . Work the soap into the brush to remove any remaining paint.
  3. Rinse the brush thoroughly under running water to remove soap and any paint residue.
  4. Gently squeeze excess water from the brush and shape the brush to its original shape.
  5. Let the brush dry flat on a flat surface, or hang it with the brush facing down to prevent water from collecting at the mount. Please store brushes hanging.


Taking care of your brushes and waiting for the right drying time is important to ensure the best possible results when painting with egg oil tempera. By following these simple steps for finishing, drying time and brush cleaning, you can enjoy your beautiful painted surfaces and extend the life of your brushes.