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Egg oil tempera Finished Color

Our ready-made egg oil tempera is the one we sell the most. In our brochure you can read about different surfaces that can be painted on and how we calculate the amount of paint needed. In general, we usually say that 1 liter of paint covers 10-12 square meters. (On plaster/lump cardboard 4-6 sq m/litre, on painted surfaces/planed wood approx. 10-15 sq m/litre). Keep in mind that this is the calculated amount for one ironing, often 2-3 ironings are required.

Most people find it convenient to just open a can and start painting, the fact that it then stands for a couple of months at least, and dries relatively quickly is appreciated by many.
It is also a prerequisite for larger construction projects to find the color interesting, and we would like to have the "big dragons" with us on a more sustainable and more ecological way of thinking for the future!

ovolin egg oil tempera jar
About the color

- A cycle-adapted color. Eggs and linseed oil are renewable raw materials, a healthy alternative to today's plastic paints.

- A healthy color. The color is used i.a. in homes, hospitals, daycare centers, schools and in eco-houses, places where great importance is placed on a healthy and beautiful environment. OVOLIN Egg oil tempera has been successfully used in premises for people with allergic problems. All components of the color are openly declared - a security for those who want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

- A versatile color. Egg oil tempera can be painted - with a brush, roller or sprayer. On most substrates: wood, chipboard or plasterboard, ready-burnt plaster, wallpaper or painted surfaces. The egg oil tempera can be painted in many ways, covering or lasing. The color is also suitable for effect painting, e.g. splash painting, sponging or displacement. In addition, you can roll with different colors at the same time in the roller, which gives a beautifully mottled surface.
ovolin egg oil tempera painted
- Ovolin egg oil tempera. Has evolved from the original recipes to a color that suits our environment and today's requirements. Environmentally unsuitable pigments have been replaced. Approved preservatives are added to make the paint storable.

- The foundation. We do not give up eggs and linseed oil from Swedish agriculture, as we continue to manufacture a piece of cultural history.

- Service/flexibility. Hundreds of colors can be delivered ready-mixed for painting. We mix according to order and deliver directly to the customer or via Retailer within a couple of days. Or directly on site if you visit us in store/factory.

- Aesthetically appealing. Egg oil tempera is admittedly beautiful, with its matte luster. The small pigment grains reproduce and follow the changes in light. It can be polished to an eggshell-like shine.