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Paintbrushes & Empty paint cans

We provide a variety of brushes for different purposes. Choosing a brush is both a matter of feeling and taste, but it is also important to have a brush of good quality for the best results. For painting with egg oil tempera, we recommend brushes with natural or mixed hair. It should be a brush that can "carry" a lot of color in order to get an evenly nice result. For linseed oil paint, we recommend oval or round brushes, often with 100% natural hair. Swedish-made brushes from the Gnesta brush are of the best quality. Recently, there have also been linseed oil paint brushes with synthetic bristles that work very well. If you then want to smooth or remove color and glaze, a narrow, wide muddler works well. For mud paint, the horn sow is of course a classic, or a strong red paint brush.
  • Tombstone jars

    Original price 20 kr - Original price 140 kr
    Original price
    20 kr - 140 kr
    20 kr - 140 kr
    Current price 20 kr

    Empty jars with lids. Lacquered inside.