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Linseed oil

Our raw cold-pressed linseed oil and the refined linseed oil come from Berga Gård outside Fjugesta, a local grower and maintain very high quality. The quality of the linseed oil is decisive for both processing, drying time and final results. That's why we only use linseed oils of the best quality. Raw cold-pressed linseed oil is obtained by gentle pressing under low temperature. Linseed oil is light and clean, and is used for all forms of deep-penetrating oiling, impregnation and priming. Fills and saturates wood.

Boiled linseed oil does not penetrate the surface as well as raw linseed oil, but builds up layers more easily and gives a glossier surface. Boiled linseed oil is used, for example, for oiling carpentry, furniture, chairs, tables, worktops, stone slabs and bricks, production of paint and glaze, production of varnish and much more.

Smile Tonkinois

Original price 185 kr - Original price 810 kr
Original price
185 kr - 810 kr
185 kr - 810 kr
Current price 185 kr

Traditional French high gloss linseed oil varnish. Contains 70% boiled linseed oil and 30% tung oil and is solvent-free. Provides a durable surface...

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