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Utvändig inspiration

External inspiration

Fantastic lift with new panel new windows

Fantastic lift with new panel painted with Faluljus mud paint without linseed oil and windows and lining painted with linseed oil paint . Lining 10% Gray umber and window frames 25% Gray umber, Engwall and Claesson

Barrel treated with Roslag mahogany .

Aunt Grön - Green is nice:)

Who would paint this bravely if not Aunt Grön! Inspiring garden shop and cafe in Wine Pink, painted with Oxide Green mud paint.

Facade: 1050-Y20R (Ochre Yellow)
Lining: 40% Green Umbra
Window: 1A/48=English red 100%

Hollow manor house

A beautiful destination for a hungry stomach...painted with linseed oil paint.
Facade: Unbroken white
Window lining: 2502-Y
Window sash: 1D-83 (blackened chrome oxide green)


Beautiful Mosshult as a customer so tastefully renovated. Windows, railings and carpentry joy 25% green umber (linseed oil paint).
Posts: 10% green umber
Door: unbroken gold oak
Facade: Falun's red mud colour

Gray sludge paint from Gysinge and Guldockra linseed oil paint

Svalnässtugan Tysslingen

Panel: Gysinge Gray mud paint, window Guldocker linseed oil paint

Gårdsjötorp Kilsbergen

Panel: Falu Light red mud paint, door 90% Gold ocher linseed oil paint, lining 25% Green umber linseed oil paint


Falu Light red mud paint + Golden ocher linseed oil paint on the door.

See the inside of the gazebo under interior inspiration

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