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Locally produced
Customer favorite

Natural Treatment
with Linseed oil soap

Take care of decking, wooden floors, stone surfaces, brushes and more without depleting the lifespan of the substrate.

🍋 Naturally Scented

💪 High pH value

🥰 Gentle on Surfaces & the Environment

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Rated 4.6/5 on Google

Treat the balcony

Powerful cleaning and treatment that keeps the wood healthy longer.

Mopping floors

Get shiny clean wooden floors without drying out the wood.

Wash Brushes

Clean your brushes so they last longer.

Vad Kunder Säger Om Ovolin

Linoljesåpa fläckskygg

Natural Stain Protection

Our linseed oil soap not only cleans and cares for the surface, but contributes with a protection that keeps the surface clean and healthy for longer.

Common questions

What is linseed oil soap and what is it made of?

Our linseed oil soap is a handcrafted soap based on biologically grown flax from Berga Gård Berga Gård in Fjugesta Stax outside Örebro. It is scented with a natural citrus oil.

What makes linseed oil soap so effective for cleaning?

The linseed oil soap is fatter than ordinary soap but at the same time sharper, with a higher pH value. This makes it unbeatable at dissolving grease and dirt. In addition, we have been told by several customers that competitors' Linseed Oil Soap feels diluted and bland

Why choose Linseed oil soap from Ovolin?

Our Linseed Oil Soap is known for its high quality and effectiveness. Several of our customers have told us that they prefer our linseed oil soap over other brands, as they feel that other soaps can feel diluted and bland in comparison. With Ovolins Linseed Oil Soap, you get a powerful and reliable cleaning.

What sizes are available and do you offer refills?

The linseed oil soap is available in four sizes, where the two smallest sizes (0.5L & 1L) are offered both with and without a pump cap. To reduce packaging waste and save money, you can also visit our store in Karlslund, Örebro to refill your own container at a 10% discount.