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30 Years of Experience

Create Your Dream Home
with Natural Paint

Repaint walls, ceilings, floors and furniture with egg oil tempera — a paint made from eggs, linseed oil, water and earth pigments.

✓ Environmentally friendly

✓ Allows the wood to breathe

✓ Matt shine

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Rated 4.6/5 on Google

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Ekologiska Ägg
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Närodlad Linolja

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Från: Ulrika Arenius

Från: Ulrika Arenius

Från: Ulrika Arenius

Common questions

Egg oil tempera

What are the benefits of using egg oil tempera?

Egg oil tempera has several advantages over modern synthetic paints:

  • Environmental considerations : Egg oil tempera is free from chemical substances such as azo and phthalo dyes, petroleum products, plasticizers or solvents.
  • Durable : It has a long lifespan and ages beautifully over time.
  • Beautiful surface : Egg oil tempera gives a unique, silky matte surface that is difficult to achieve with other types of paint.
  • Good adhesion : The paint penetrates the substrate and creates a strong bond that resists cracking and flaking.
  • Open to diffusion : Moisture has the ability to migrate in and out through the paint, which makes it a perfect match with other natural materials such as wood, clay and cardboard.
How do I prepare the surface before painting with egg oil tempera?

To achieve the best possible results when painting with egg oil tempera, you should prepare the surface by:

  • Clean the surface thoroughly from dirt and dust.
  • Sand the surface lightly to create a smooth and clean surface.
  • Remove all sanding dust and wipe the surface with a damp cloth.
How long is the drying time for egg oil tempera?

The drying time for egg oil tempera varies depending on temperature, light and air circulation. Generally speaking, it takes 12-24 hours for the paint to dry at room temperature. It is important to wait until the paint is completely dry before applying additional layers or painting details.

Luktar äggoljetempera?

Den doftar underbart! En svag doft av linolja (många kunder kommenterar det).

Can I use egg oil tempera on wallpapered walls?

It is perfectly possible to use egg oil tempera on wallpapered walls. Make sure the wallpaper is firmly attached before you start painting.

What are the disadvantages of egg oil tempera?

Although egg oil tempera is popular for its durability and eco-friendly properties, it is not suitable for outdoor use or for people with egg allergies. But don't worry, there is a clever solution: Replace the eggs with chickpea spade! This adjustment makes the color accessible even to vegans and those with egg allergies, without compromising on quality.


How do I know how much paint I need?

We recommend using our paint quantity calculator where you can easily calculate how much paint you need.

What are the shipping costs?

When ordering only sample sheets, the order is sent via letter and we offer shipping. Ordinary orders otherwise cost SEK 99 (free shipping over SEK 2,500) and are delivered via DHL Service Point or SEK 199 for DHL Home Delivery.

How long is the delivery time?

Both sample sheets and regular orders are sent within 0-3 days and then delivered within 1-5 days. Most often, the customer receives the delivery within 5 days.

Choose from our 60+ color series

Choose from our 60+ color series

If in doubt, order sample sheets of your favorites to ensure a successful painting project.

What Customers Say About Egg Oil Tempera

So happy with the egg oil tempera from Ovolin. Have previously painted the whole house with this wonderful color. We have now painted cast iron black on the paneled wall behind the new stove upstairs. This means that our flues from the ground floor and the stove upstairs merge into one unit. Delighted with the color.♥


Amazingly beautiful color. I use 611 on walls and 614 on moldings and lining. The homemade bag is good to have in stock at home if you want to mix the color yourself. I have painted with self-mixed emulsion and Ovolins ready-made. I recommend ready-mixed, it dries quickly and the color lasts a long time in the fridge. Tempera beats linseed oil paint with horse lengths. Easy to paint and wonderful luster in the color. Thanks!


Fast and professional communication. Now painted sofa legs that are going up to the mountains, long setup times. If the color tone is good, it will be more cast iron black. THANKS!

Greta Kollberg

Sinnerston blue 4-190 is incredibly beautiful in our bedroom, deep blue with green shifts that gives a harmonious and pleasant calm

Moa H.

At first we thought the color was too dark, but now that we've gotten used to it, we're very happy with the result. We got great service and it was fun to paint with egg oil tempera!

Mikaela Boltenstern

Beautiful color series! Was very pleased with the result!


Great color
It turned out so nice

Gunilla Andersson

Very nice color to work with and a great shade for interior doors and lining

Cecilia Gadman

First time painting with egg oil tempera and I am NOT disappointed. Painted a bench (untreated pine), the surface became fantastically matt and lovely. Will definitely paint more with egg oil tempera, maybe venture on the walls next time!


I was very satisfied with my choice of Lindblomsgrön. It turned out exactly as I imagined!

Eva J.

This is really a good paint deal! The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful even when shopping online. Egg oil tempera is great!

Emelie Lantz

For several years I have bought products, mostly paint, from Ovolin. I am so satisfied, both with the products and with all the help I have received when I called and asked for advice. For me, it feels so good to use materials that do not harm nature.

BrittMarie Eskilsson

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Från: Ulrika Arenius
Hall: Vetegrå 6-211
Golv: Pärlgrå 9-611
Vardagsrum: 1700-tals Grön 5-422

Från: Ulrika Arenius
Golv: Pärlgrå 9-611
Vardagsrum: 1700-tals Grön 5-422

Från: Ulrika Arenius
Hall: Vetegrå 6-211
Golv: Pärlgrå 9-611
Sovrum: Vetegrå 6-222

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