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Protect & Preserve with Traditional Linseed Oil Paint

A paint made from natural raw materials for both indoor and outdoor painting.

✓ Natural ingredients

✓ Excellent color fastness

✓ Allows the wood to breathe

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For Interior or Exterior Painting

For Interior or Exterior Painting

Regardless of whether you are going to paint facades, windows, doors or other surfaces outdoors, or walls, ceilings, joinery and furniture indoors, linseed oil paint is an excellent choice.

Minimal impact on nature

Minimal impact on nature

Common plastic paint causes 58% of microplastics in the oceans . Linseed oil paint is an environmental alternative based on natural ingredients.

Open to diffusion

Open to diffusion

Linseed oil paint is open to diffusion, which means it allows the wood to breathe and regulate moisture naturally, unlike modern synthetic paints that lay down like a dense plastic film. This reduces the risk of moisture damage and preserves the structure of the wood.

Customers about Linseed oil paint

EoC Klisberg blue

Super good and fast delivery

Andrea Fredlund

EoC Common Blue

Beautiful color and easy to paint with.

Britt-Marie Björklund

EoC Guldocker 94

Everything worked great from order to delivery.

Åsa Bergdahl

EoC Green soil ton B

Love this color!

Ronja Beijer Englund

Local production of linseed oil paint and cozy gift shop

Peter Johanson

Good assortment for those who want to restore with 'old' materials. Linseed oil paint, egg oil tempera, boiled/raw linseed oil, tar, soap, etc.

Assar Lundin

Love strolling around the shop while my linseed oil paint is being mixed! So many nice and knowledgeable staff who do their utmost to help you :-)

Julia Traveler

Common questions

What is the best time of year to paint with linseed oil paint outdoors?

Spring and early summer are the optimal time for exterior painting with linseed oil paint. Make sure that the temperature is above 10 degrees and that it is staying weather for best results.

How many coats of linseed oil paint do I need to apply?

Usually two to three coats of linseed oil paint are sufficient to achieve an even and durable finish. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly between each coat.

Can I paint over a surface previously painted with a different type of paint?

Yes, but make sure the previous paint is in good condition and the surface is properly prepared. Test the compatibility of the linseed oil paint with the existing paint before you start painting.

How long does linseed oil paint last?

With proper application and maintenance, linseed oil paint can last for many years, often up to 15-20 years or longer depending on external conditions and wear.

How long is the drying time for linseed oil paint?

Drying time varies but generally takes 12-24 hours at room temperature. Wait until the paint is completely dry before applying additional layers.

Together with Sweden's Best

We are proud of our many years of collaboration with some of Sweden's leading manufacturers of linseed oil paint. In our paint factory, we break Engwall o. Claesson's paint according to the NCS system and the National Antiquities Authority (RAÄ). In addition to that, we also offer high-quality linseed oil paint from two other reputable manufacturers - Ottossons Färgmakeri and Gysinge, both of whom have extensive experience and expertise in the field.

Find your colors

Find your colors

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