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Recipe with distemper

(gives 10 liters of paint)
10 kg of chalk
about 5 l of water

2 hg bone glue

Recipes with cellulose slime

(yields 15 liters of paint)
10 kg of chalk
about 5 l of water
glue solution: 2hg of cellulose glue and about 5 l of water, which must be added to the glue because it has a different density than the glue.

Glue paint with cellulose glue as a binder is easier to handle and is therefore recommended for amateurs.
Both recipes cover an area of ​​about 20-30 square meters.

In a container that holds at least 15 l, pour 5 liters of cold water. Carefully pour the chalk down so that a conical top forms. Do not stir the mixture, then lumps will appear in the paint. Let it rest overnight, so that the chalk can swell and absorb the water.

The bone glue is soaked the same day as the chalk. Put the glue in a stainless steel container, pour water so that it just covers and leave to rest until the next day. The next day, the glue is heated in a water bath until it becomes fluid. The water bath must not exceed 60 degrees.
If using cellulose glue, follow package directions.

Remove the glue from the water bath and pour into the chalk solution. Stir vigorously. Use a drill with a paint mixer to avoid lumps in the paint


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