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Iron vitriol

Iron vitriol provides patina and a certain protection. The iron vitriol powder is dissolved in hot water. The solution is applied to the wood with a brush. After a few months, the wood gradually changes color and takes on a gray shade, the stronger the concentration, the darker the wood becomes. Iron vitriol is an outdoor product and should not be used indoors. The treatment does not need to be repeated. Recipe, 1 kg of iron vitriol is dissolved in 20 l of hot water - enough for about 40 square meters. You can add a bag (water-soluble silver stain), just to see where you ironed. The iron vitriol itself is uncolored and the graying comes later, but with the silver stain the surface becomes gray immediately and the "fake graying" disappears by itself.

Organwood, effective water-based wood protection product consisting of silicon minerals and natural plant substances. The treated wood gains flame retardant properties and improved resistance to rot.

Free from environmentally hazardous heavy metals, biocides and solvents, classified as Good environmental choice by the nature conservation association.

Treated wood gets a light, smooth surface that ages beautifully and turns a natural silver gray over time.

Advantageously used on balconies, piers, fences, wall panels, wooden furniture etc. where you want an uncolored surface.

For adequate long-term protection, two products are used, first wood protection 01, then wood protection 02. 1 liter is enough for approx. 8-10kmv.


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